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Pond Shield Epoxy Pond Sealer - Black 1 1/2 Qt. Kit

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Pond Shield is a specialized non-toxic epoxy liner made by Pond Armor that is safe for fish and plants. 

Epoxy pond sealer can be used for any type of water feature. Koi ponds, waterfalls, fountains and water gardens. Pond Shield is a NON-HAZMAT. For most applications, a single coat application is all is needed for proper coverage and your finished epoxy pond liner will be complete and virtually maintenance free!

Pond Shield can be applied to concrete, cement, shotcrete, gunnite, stone, tile, wood, steel, aluminum, rock, some plastics, old coatings (as long as they are prepared properly first) fiberglass, and many more surfaces.

Pond Shield is a flexible epoxy that combines superior elongation with sheer tensile strength. Its tensile bond strength even exceeds the internal strength of concrete! Simply mix both parts together and apply with a squeegee and roller (can be sprayed too). Cures to touch within a few hours and is completely fish and plant safe. A 1 1/2 qt. kit will cover 60 sq. ft. at 10 mil.

FAQ on Pond Shield

How long before I can put water an fish in my pond?
The instructions will tell you to wait for 72 hours. However, if you inspect every bit of your coating the next day and are sure that it is dry and there are no tacky spots anywhere, you can add water and fish. 

How does Pond Shield compare to other products available to me?
Pond Shield was specifically designed around the flaws of virtually every other coating available in the pond industry. It is competively priced and costs not much more than a rubber liner per square foot but offers much more stability. Pond Shield can be applied by you, the home owner and does not require a specialized crew for installation. Pond Shield has been referred to as "bullet proof", "tough as nails" and "strongest coating ever used" to quote a few. While these are figurative forms of speech, Pond Shield has been designed strong and flexible to provide you with many years of virtually maintenance free service.

Can Pond Shield be applied over other old coatings?
Yes. However, you should take care to properly prepare the surface prior to applying Pond Shield. Be sure to remove any old coating that is coming off, but the best case scenario is to remove all of the old coating prior to application. It's best not to rely on the failing bond of the old coating. If you find that some of the old coating is still bonding sufficiently, then you should sand the remainder with at least 60-grit sandpaper to give the material tooth.

How many coats do I have to apply?
Well that depends on whether you use a pigmented version of Pond Shield or the clear Pond Shield. The pigmented versions of Pond Shield are thick like grease and can be applied in one 10mil coat. Pond Shield clear is only as thick as syrup and should be applied in three 3-4mil coats for a total of 10mils finished thickness.

Can I apply a second coat of Pond Shield over the first?
Yes, but it is not necessary unless you are trying to correct the first coat application. Pond Shield is designed to perform properly at a finished thickness of 10mils. Applying it thicker will not hurt, but will cost more in regards to materials. If you have to touch up and area you can apply Pond Shield over the top of itself with no extra surface preparation within 72 hours of the original application. After that 72 hour period, you should scuff the area being coating to give the material tooth.

I applied Pond Shield and my pond still leaks. What is wrong?
Simply put, you missed something. After your initial coating is applied, you need to go back and inspect the entire surface are for flaws in your application. Ares like cracks, crevices, voids, concrete showing through and any similar areas need to be corrected before you call the job finished. Once you have successfully applied a 100% coating to the interior of your pond, it will not leak.

Do I have to acid etch my concrete before I apply Pond Shield?
Absolutely. There are two very important reasons for acid etching. First, the muriatic acid will remove and calcium deposits that form as concrete cures. These calcium deposits will fall over time anyway and you do not want to have your coating bonded to them. Finally, acid etching will neutralize the alkaline properties in the surface of the concrete, creating a much better bond.

Can I just spot coat a crack in my pond?
That is not advisable. If you give Pond Shield the very best circumstances in which to work, you'll end up with a coating that will give you years and years of service. You should apply a complete coating so that it will work the way it was meant to work.

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