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When Should I Feed my Pond Fish?

Posted by Scott Willbanks on 4/6/2014 to FAQ
Here are some general guidelines for when to feed your fish during the year, specially the start up of spring and when to stop feeding them for the winter.

Cal Pump PW Series Pumps - Review

Posted by Scott Willbanks on 3/31/2014 to Pond Products
The Cal Pump PW Series Waterfall Pumps just don't last as long as they use to. The problems they have are....

What is an Asynchronous or Hy-Drive Pump?

Posted by Aquatic Ponds on 3/16/2014 to FAQ
A Hy-Drive is a cross between a mag drive and a direct drive. And here are a few reasons why...

What is a Mag Drive or Magnetic Drive Pump?

Posted by Aquatic Ponds on 3/5/2014 to FAQ

Mag Drive pumps have a low to medium head. They use a very low amount of electric but have an inefficient impeller.

What is a Direct Drive Pump?

Posted by Scott Willbanks on 3/1/2014 to FAQ
Direct drive pumps have a medium to high head. Solid handling capabilities. They usually use a higher amount of electricity compared to other type of pumps in the industry.

Pond Filter Media and It's Biological Process

Posted by Scott Willbanks on 2/26/2014 to Pond Articles

Choosing the correct pond filter media is essential to a healthy pond. Bacterial colonies live on surfaces of the filter media.

What is Pond Filtration?

Posted by Scott Willbanks on 2/24/2014 to FAQ
Pond filtration system is beneficial for many ponds. There are three types of filtration.

What size Pump do I need for my Pond?

Posted by Scott Willbanks on 2/22/2014 to FAQ
Are you always wondering what size pump do I need for my pond? If so, here is an article that will give you instructions on sizing your pump for your application.

Pondmaster Mag Drive Pumps - Review

Posted by Scott Willbanks on 2/19/2014 to Pond Products
Pondmaster Mag Drive Pumps have always been considered a reliable pump. Here's more about this magnetic drive.

How do I get rid of Algae in my Pond?

Posted by Scott Willbanks on 2/2/2014 to Algae Control

Two of the main algae problems in a pond is suspended and string algae. Here are a few way to keep algae under control.

Algae in my Pond is out of Control

Posted by Scott Willbanks on 1/31/2014 to Algae Control
There are three main algae that grow into ponds.  Planktonic, Filamentous and Blue-Green.

Can Water Harm Your Pond?

Posted by Scott Willbanks on 10/18/2013 to Pond and Fish Care
The right pond supplies make caring for a pond easy. Ponds must have good water quality for healthy fish. The quality of the water depends upon the initial chemistry of the water going into the pond, the material it contacts, the circulation, and even the concentration of aquatic life living in the pond.

Scarecrow Sprinkler vs. Blue Heron Decoy

Posted by Scott Willbanks on 10/17/2013 to Pond Products
Which works better the Motion Activated Scarecrow Sprinkler or the Blue Heron Decoy?
A lot of pond owners have problems with keeping blue heron away. We get a lot of calls every week about the blue heron that ate my Koi.


Using a Pond Skimmer for Keeping a Cleaner Pond

Posted by Scott Willbanks on 9/16/2013 to Pond and Fish Care
If you want to maintain a healthy pond, then you will need to look at the selection of pond skimmers that are available and choose one that meets your needs. This product works by collecting dirt, leaves, waste products, and other debris from the water's surface before it has a chance to sink to the bottom of the pond.

Adding a Water Feature to Your Landscaping

Posted by Scott Willbanks on 9/15/2013 to Ponds
When water features are part of your landscaping, it brings a sense of relaxation along with many other benefits.