One of the most interesting and fulfilling projects to undertake is the koi fish pond. These ponds can be designed specially to promote the growth and all around health of koi by using specific architecture. The koi is an ornamental domestic variety of the common carp. Of the many landscaping options available for the home owner to undertake, a decorative fish pond can be one of the most rewarding.

Decorative koi ponds can add a beautiful touch to the yard, but requires some considerations. In climates that suffer from freezing temperatures in the winter, it is important to have a pond that is at least three feet deep. In cool temperatures, the immune system shuts down. Having deeper water will give the fish a warmer haven to find refuge during cold snaps.

Koi are omnivores, meaning they can and will eat almost anything. Many pond owners will feed their fish by hand.  Specially designed koi food emphasizes a balanced nutrition to keep them healthy and active. These same colors can endanger the fish. The pond should be deep enough to prevent wading by larger birds or animals, a net might be needed to cover the pond. If all steps are taken to protect the koi, these fish can live long lives. Koi have been reported living well over a century, with one famous example reportedly dying at the age of 226.

Using the correct supplies for your koi pond are necessary. A pump and filter is recommended to keep the pond healthy. Bottom drains, though not required for water gardens, are useful for a koi pond, allowing heavy solids to be carried away to a mechanical filtration system. The biological pond filter is used to convert nitrogen based wasted from the koi and can be accomplished in various ways, including pressurized and gravity fed filters.