Crystal Clear Spring/Fall Prep - 24 Pkg.

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The Crystal Clear Spring/Fall Prep is designed to accelerate the decomposition of leaves, twigs, muck and others sediment during the fall and winter months. Uses cold water natural bacteria that also replenishes winter bacteria lost during the spring.

How to Use Spring/Fall Prep
Crystal Clear Spring & Fall Prep should be used in late autumn and early spring. Autumn application should begin when water temperatures fall below 60° F. Spring application should begin at pond startup or just after ice melt and continue until temperatures exceed 60° F.

Crystal Clear Spring/Fall Prep Bacteria works until 40 degrees.

  • 1 Packet - Treats up to 1000 Gallons
  • 2 Packets - Treats up to 2000 Gallons
  • 4 Packets - Treats up to 4000 Gallons
  • 8 Packets - Treats up to 8000 Gallons

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