Firestone Single Sided Cover Tape - 6
Firestone Single Sided Cover Tape - 6' x 100'

Firestone Single Sided Cover Tape - 6" x 100'

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The Single Sided Cover Tape is a 6" wide semi-cured EPDM with Quickseam tape laminated to the bottom side. This product has been designed to seam two sheets of Firestone Pond Gard EPDM together. The release paper which is located on the back-side of the cover tape is perforated in the middle so as to act as a guide in the application of the Cover tape. Single Sided Cover Tape has adhesive only on one side. It is extremely important to use firestone quickprime plus before adhering the cover tape. The liner must be completely dry and clean before using quick prime.

Seaming with QuickSeam Cover Tape Video

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