A Backyard pond can naturalize your yard, creating an outdoor experience that is reminiscent of being in the country even if you are smack dab in the middle of suburbia. These four benefits explain why you should build a pond for your yard.

Pond by Larry from Freeland,MI

Add movement and texture to your yard. Nature has variety in color, shape, and texture. Nature also moves. Water can bring all these elements to your backyard. Think of water's smooth as glass texture or the movement and sound of a fountain. Adding fish will make your pond come alive with many vibrant colors.

Create a personal retreat. Natural areas are restful. With a little planning, you can get that "away from it all" sense when you sit by your pond. If possible, design your pond near a tree. Ground cover around the pond can be gravel or mulch. Add plantings of shrubs and perennials to enhance views.

Provide an inviting entertainment area. Natural areas also enhance social interaction. Think of the traditional campfire scene and the camaraderie around the fire. If possible, include a group seating area and a space for a fire pit near your backyard pond. The sound of the waterfall and the reflection of the fire in the water will make you feel like you are on the beach.

Give birds and animals a water source. Water is a requirement for habitat. Even if you live in a densely populated area, birds and other small wildlife need a steady supply of water. To be a watering hole, your pond will need rocks or shallow areas. Birds will like a drip feature. Butterflies and insects need a puddle area. The National Wildlife Federation has a certified wildlife habitat program that will walk you through the steps to add even more elements that make your yard inviting to wildlife.