Helix Rock & Waterfall Scrubber - 25 lbs
Helix Rock & Waterfall Scrubber - 25 lbs

Helix Rock & Waterfall Scrubber - 25 lbs

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The Helix Rock & Waterfall Scrubber is an all natural, oxygen-based product that quickly and safely removes debris from rocks, waterfalls, streams and anywhere else build-up has occurred. If used regularly it can help eliminate the need for annual pond cleanings. Its fish-safe soluble granules bring the natural cleansing power of oxygen to the pond. It will also restore a natural electrolyte balance to the pond with a slight buffering effect to help prevent dangerous pH swings. Contains no harmful detergents or other chemicals.

For Best Results:
Use with Helix Beneficial Bacteria, which will consume the organic debris once it is loosened from the pond’s edges, rocks and stones. Ensure that the pond is equipped with a mechanical skimmer device or remove excess debris with a fine net the day after treatment. For best results in streams and waterfalls, shut off pump during application and turn pump on again directly after application. Retreat after 48 hours as needed.

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