Helix Settlement Tank - Single 4
Helix Settlement Tank - Single 4' Bottom Drain

Helix Settlement Tank - Single 4" Bottom Drain

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The Helix Settlement Tank is designed for Koi ponds with a bottom drain, cleaning heavy debris (leaves, sticks, stones, muck) from your water before it ever enters your pump and filtration system and damaging your pump. It is made to act as a pre-filter for the bottom drain. This provides an effective and economical way to protect your pump, help improve pump efficiency, extend the pump life and make cleaning your pond much easier.

The tank is set up to be easy to disassemble for easy access for vacuuming, pumping, siphoning or draining larger debris. The debris filter still allows small particles to pass through, which is why the Settlement Tank is specifically intended for a bottom drain pre-filter (not a substitute for a mechanical pond filter). It is to be part of an extensive filtration system.

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