Pondmaster pumps are some of the most reliable pond pumps on the market today. They have been around for a long time and have proven themselves over and over.

The most popular are the Pondmaster mag drives. They are magnetic driven which means a magnet generates the impeller and has a long life expectancy with a low cost to operate. Their gallons per hour range from 65 gph to 2175 gph. They produce a small to medium high head height and are great for fountains, smaller pond filters, spitters, aquariums, and power small waterfalls. And they are made to run continuously.

You’re able to find some great pricing on these pumps especially for their value. They not only last a long time but Danner (the manufacture) increased the warranty in most of their mag drive pumps from a 3 year warranty to 5 years. That shows a lot of confidence in these pumps.

The amount of electricity used is low, saving you lots of money throughout the lifetime of this pump. And they are very quiet, which is another reason why they also are used for aquariums not just ponds. They can be placed either horizontally or vertically in water. An 18’ cord comes attached and there is a 10’ cord on the same models for aquarium applications.

These pumps can also be used inline, externally or as a submersible pump as they are free from oil making them harmless to fish and plants.

They do not require much maintenance. There are a few items that would need replacing periodically that are not covered under warranty. The impeller may need to be changed and the pre-filter on the intake of the pump may need to be replaced as it gets worn from debris trying to enter the pump housing.

One thing to note is just because these Pondmaster mag drives pumps have a certain size outlet that doesn’t mean you have to have the same size tubing. A larger tubing will give you more flow and less friction. A threaded coupler and correct straight barb adapter will allow for the increase in tubing.

These are arguably one of the best pond pumps available.