A Hy-drive pump is a cross between a direct drive and a magnetic drive pump. They are similar to the magnetic drive because the impeller is turned by a magnet made of copper and steel, which allows a lower cost for electricity compared to the direct drive. Asynchronous means that the pumps impeller only turns one way.

Since the impeller is only able to turn one way it makes these pumps very quiet, efficient and last a long time. The impeller is also slightly curved like the direct drive pump. A curved impeller can increase the flow and the head height. The maximum head height that they can produce is around 20’ of head.  However the flow can drop off rapidly when it gets near the maximum height of head.

Most Hy-Drive pumps have a 2 to 3 year warranty. If you have a head height that is around 10’ to 15’ and want more flow it would be more cost effective to have two hy-drive pumps than one direct drive.