Airmax Color Changing LED Lights - 4 Lights - 100 ft. Cord

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Part Number: 652742
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The Airmax LED Light Set offers unique, nighttime displays for your pond. It is energy-efficient, with high-output 120 volt design that uses less than 40 watts of power. The LED Light Sets have a fully sealed light housing to ensure a maintenance-free operation. Lights easily clip onto the EcoSeries float making for a fast installation with no tools required. All LED Light Sets include an underwater disconnect. The wireless remote allows you to change colors, dim/brighten the lights, control flash speed and run up to 9 preset programs.

  • LED Color Changing Light Set - 4 Lights
  • Volts - 120
  • Watts - 40
  • Power Cord - 100'
  • Warranty - 3 Years

Click Here for Airmax Color Changing LED Light Set Manual

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