GCTek AlphaONE LH Filter 10.0
GCTek AlphaONE LH Filter 10.0

GCTek AlphaONE LH Filter 10.0

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Part Number: AO10.0LH
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The GCTek AlphaONE LH filters utilize a design to increase flow rates while not using any more electricity than normal. The biggest flow robber of filters is the multiport valve, this filter only uses the multiport valve when backwashing and bypass it while in normal filtration mode. This provides greater turn over of the pond while not using more energy. It also feature the AlphaONE Life Support System, known as "ALISS", which keeps beneficial bacteria alive indefinitely during times of medical shutdowns, pumps failures, etc. The 2" Clear Union Spring Check Valve located right under the 2 HP blower provides maximum flow and has built-in unions.

  • AlphaONE LH 10.0 Filter
  • Max. Pond Size - 25000 gal.
  • Max. Flow Rate - 10800 GPH
  • Max Fish Load - 450 lbs
  • Type - Pressurized External Filter
  • Media Type - AlphaBio1 Media
  • Inlet / Outlet - 2"
  • Dimensions (Dia. x H) - 37" x 42"
  • Warranty - Lifetime (Tank)

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