GCTeK AquaSieve2 Prefilter
GCTeK AquaSieve2 Prefilter

GCTeK AquaSieve2 Prefilter

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Part Number: AS2-1
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The AquaSieve2 is a Solid Separation Pre-Filter that is high impact,  and implosion resistant. It only needs cleaning about once every 1 to 4 weeks. Simply install it between the pond and pump and it installs in just minutes. Makes hard to prime pumps now prime easily, due to the reservoir of water. Has a Clear Lid.

Unlike some solids separators the AquaSieve2 is simple, not only to install, but to care for as well. Bring the water from the pond into the top fitting and hook the inlet on your pump to the bottom fitting.

  • AquaSieve2 Prefilter
  • High Quality Implosion Resistant Plastic
  • Dimensions (Dia x H) - 10" x 27"

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