GCTeK Media Agitator Retro Kit - 1.5
GCTeK Media Agitator Retro Kit - 1.5' Valve

GCTeK Media Agitator Retro Kit - 1.5" Valve

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Part Number: MAR-1.5
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The GC Tek Media Agitator Retro Kit will help prepare your current filter for effective backwashing. It injects over 100 cu. ft. per minute (2 HP) of air below media or sand. After running the agitator for a few minutes, the debris will be ready for backwashing. Saves water by reducing necessary runtime for backwashing. Installs easily by attaching the retro kit to the multiport valve.

Available with 1.5-inch or 2-inch female threaded or slip fittings to easily connect to most commercial pond filters. Please specify which fitting when ordering.

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