AquaScape Grande BioFalls Filter
AquaScape Grande BioFalls Filter

AquaScape Grande BioFalls Filter

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The AquaScape Grande BioFalls Filter is ideal for ponds up to 10000 gallon in size. It is a three-stage filtration system that has an extra large settling chamber, thick biological filter pads and drawstring nets for biological media (not included). The Grande Filter is made of heavy-duty polyethylene construction. Comes with 3" bulkhead and male flexible PVC pipe adapter. It include two biological filter mats, a detachable waterfall lip, and three media nets to hold the biological filter material.

Note: Bio Media not included.

  • Grande BioFalls Filter
  • Max. Flow Rate - 3000 GPH
  • Waterfall Width - 48" Weir
  • Fittings - Two 3" Slips
  • Inlet -Duel 2" FTP Bulkhead
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) - 24" x 79.5" x 36"
  • Warranty - Limited Lifetime


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