Kasco RA2 Robust-Aire Aeration System - 120V - Large Cabinet
Kasco RA2 Robust-Aire Aeration System - 120V - Large Cabinet

Kasco RA2 Robust-Aire Aeration System - 120V - Large Cabinet

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The RA2 Robust-Aire Aeration System is an effective method of aeration for ponds that have a depth greater than 8'. It will compress air at the bottom of the pond in which a continuous flow of water is moved upward and transfers low oxygen water to the surface.
When used for deicing during the winter it will keep an opening approximately 3' wide for every 1' of depth depending on conditions.

There are certain advantages to the Robust-Aire Systems are that it does not require any electricity in the water. This is especially important where swimming is allowed. Also no electricity is needed at the edge of the pond or lake. It is designed to be remotely installed away from the water’s edge. This allows the air to be delivered to the water’s edge instead of electricity. There is no floating equipment at the surface so boating is not hindered and the natural view of the lake can be enjoyed.

The RA systems are very effective at aerating into deeper waters than a floating fountain or a high-volume surface aerator. It becomes effective at 8 feet of depth and increases in efficiency with respect to water flow as the water deepens. Air is pumped directly from the bottom, all the way to the top as the compressors can inject air 50 feet deep. It is also cost effective to operate for larger surface areas as the RA systems can effectively de-stratify and aerate deep lakes with much lower equipment costs and energy consumption.

Robust-Aire System Redesign: Is now easier to assemble, self-weighted with a stainless steel base that lands upright every time. No hardware required while still providing the same holding strength.

  • RA2 Robust-Aire Aeration System - Large Cabinet
  • Min. Water Depth - 8'
  • Surface Acres - 3
  • Diffusers - 2
  • Weighted Tubing - 200' of 3/8" (Two 100' pieces)
  • Compressor - KM-60 1/4 HP (Single Piston)
  • Amps - 2.5 (Single)
  • Volts - 120
  • Options - Large Cabinet
  • Warranty - 2 Years (Compressor)

Click Here for Kasco Robust-Aire Aeration System Manual

Click Here for Kasco Robust-Aire Aeration Spec Sheet

Click Here for the Kasco Robust-Aire Redesigned Diffuser Assembly Video 

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