Oase biOrb Decor Set 30L - Winter
Oase biOrb Decor Set 30L - Winter

Oase biOrb Decor Set 30L - Winter

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The biOrb Easy Décor Kit contains some aquarium decorations to bring your 8 gallon biOrb to life. Unique and vibrant designs and colors, paired with quality materials, make these biOrb décor kits unique. In this kit is everything you need to decorate your 8 gallon biOrb aquarium, It also fits the biOrb Life and Tube 15(4 Gal Aquarium). Made from high grade materials for safety and durability. with unique designs that bring aquariums to life with vibrant and detailed décor. Items are safe for Freshwater, Tropical and Saltwater aquarium set ups.

  • biOrb Decor Set 30L - Winter Includes:
  • biOrb Holly Tree with Red Berries Ornament x1
  • biOrb Aquatic Sea Lily White x1
  • biOrb Holly Ball with Berries x1
  • biOrb Moss Pebbles x1
  • biOrb Mistletoe Ball x1
  • biOrb Sea Urchin Set -White x1 (Includes 3 pieces)

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