Ponds or kois can be a beautiful addition to our homes. However, cleaning and maintaining them could get quite cumbersome. Every pond owner surely knows the pain of keeping his/her ponds clean. If you are a pond owner too, you must have gone through your share of struggle in maintaining it.

However, cleaning your ponds is not that of a hassle if you are aware of the right pond cleaning tools and the proper way to use the same. All you need are the top 3 tools to keep them clean and healthy.

This blog will surely help you learn about these essential pond cleaning tools in detail.

Essential pond cleaning tools every pond owner must have:

  • Skimmer

A Skimmer is a kind of vault that sucks the water from your pond. In that process, it also sucks all the debris from the pond mesh bag or plastic filter basket that supplies the water back to the water reservoir. 

A Skimmer is the most effective method of removing leaves and weeds in a pond. Organic materials like leaves, sticks, grass, etc can easily get accumulated in a pond. These materials, when decay, produce ammonia. Ammonia is one of the most deadly chemicals for a pond ecosystem. Skimmers are the best pond cleaning tools that work as mechanical filters to clean your pond from such wastes.

  • How to choose a skimmer?

The most important factor, which determines the type of skimmer you should buy is your pond’s size. If you have a small koi or pond, a lightweight skimmer might be the best option for you. They will help you get rid of all the accumulated wastes.

However, if you have a bigger water feature, going for a heavy-duty skimmer will be the wisest choice. Big water features generally accumulate higher debris content. But, with your heavy-duty skimmer, it is advised to get a heavy-duty pole that will allow it to be extended up to 5 feet.

It is essential to keep your skimmers clean to ensure proper cleaning of your pond. If you do not keep your skimmer free of debris, it will not be able to supply the water back to the reservoir at the same speed as it draws the water from it.

Check out some of the pond skimmers on our website. You can select a skimmer based on the size of your pond.

  • Pond Vacuums

The pond vacuum keeps smaller ponds healthy by removing muck, weeds, and other debris that might fall into your pond. It is an effective way of reducing algae growth. 

It looks like a normal vacuum cleaner with slightly different technology. Some are designed in a way to return the water back to the pond while some are designed to suck everything out from the pond to dispose of later.

Shopping for a pond vacuum isn’t simple and you can always contact us if you ever have any questions to ensure you are getting the right item for your pond. You can know more about pond vacuums on our website. You can go through the features of all the products and select what suits you the best.

If the pond has excessive sediments, a vacuum may not help. In this case, it is best to hire a professional to dredge a lake. Hiring a professional will of course be a little expensive, but it is the best option to save your pond from permanent destruction. Once your pond is restored back to its original state, make sure to maintain it on a timely basis.

  • Aerators 

The third essential pond cleaning tool in the list is an aerator. It helps in keeping your ponds from getting stagnant. A stagnant water feature becomes a breeding ground for algae and mosquitoes.

An aerator comes in two different types, namely:

  • Surface aerator: A surface aerator pushes the surface water into the air for it to fall back into the surface as droplets. Example: Fountains, bubblers. They work well in a small or shallow pond. 
  • Bottom aerator: They ensure both top to bottom aeration and complete circulation. They are best for deeper ponds and work well in shallow ponds as well.

Bottom aerators are less costly and generally have wind-powered and solar-powered options.

Aerators are the best way to ensure oxygen supply to your water bodies. During winters, oxygen in water bodies is at its lowest. Lack of oxygen results in the death of the fishes and other insects in your ponds.

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While you employ these tools to clean your ponds, do not forget to fetch a separate container (clean of course) to store your fishes. Also, make sure to dispose of all the collected debris in an environmentally friendly way. We should not forget about the environment while trying to keep our homes clean.


As you are now aware of the most essential pond cleaning tips, cleaning your ponds will not be a nightmare anymore. All those people who have been thinking about setting up a pond at their homes but worried about maintaining it can now surely go for it without a worry.

However, merely owning these tools is not going to help. You should be responsible and active in cleaning it and do your job sincerely. If you are not cleaning your ponds at appropriate intervals and do not maintain the tool kits, you will end up doing more harm than good.

If you need any kind of assistance for your ponds, you can get in touch with us through our contact us page. We will be happy to assist you!