ShinMaywa Norus 50CR2.4S Pump - 5700 GPH
ShinMaywa Norus 50CR2.4S Pump - 5700 GPH

ShinMaywa Norus 50CR2.4S Pump - 5700 GPH

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Part Number: 50CR2.4S
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The ShinMaywa Norus submersible pump is one of the most reliable and durable pumps sold in today's water garden market. On the outside it has a unique hardware design made of fiberglass in addition to its cast aluminum bearing housing, which provides superior heat dissipation and structural integrity in comparison to competing pumps. The Norus series is corrosion resistant due to the 304 stainless steel and poly amide fiber reinforced resin, and stainless steel shaft and impeller. ShinMaywa Norus submersible pumps are made for continuous duty.

The Shinmaywa Norus Pump can run on its side since it has ball bearings top and bottom compared to some pumps that use sleeve bearings. There is a Horizontal Pump Mount for the 50CR2.25, 50CR2.4S and 50CR2.75S pumps only. When using the pump horizontally if it’s not in a skimmer be aware of small living creatures. With its ultra long life span, low operating cost, and reliability make the Norus series from ShinMaywa the best buy for a homeowner's water feature in the market. Looking to replace your Tsurumi Pump try a ShinMaywa Norus Pump.
Note: This pump needs to be submerged at all times or warranty will be voided. You may consider a low water cut off for the Shinmaywa Pump. The Shinmaywa Pump can be used in a horizontal position. The pump has ball bearings in the top and bottom, as compared to some pumps that use sleeve bearings.
  • Norus 50CR2.4S Pump - 5700 GPH 
  • Max. Flow Rate - 5700 GPH
  • Flow Rate @ 5' - 5220GPH
  • Flow Rate @ 10' - 4260 GPH
  • Flow Rate @ 15' - 3480 GPH
  • Flow Rate @ 20' - 2520 GPH
  • Flow Rate @ 25' - 1800 GPH
  • Flow Rate @ 30' - 1080 GPH
  • Max. Head - 36'
  • Voltage - 110 V/60 Hz
  • Horsepower - 1/2
  • Watts - 567
  • Outlet Size - 2"
  • Solids Handling - 1 1/4"
  • Cord Length - 32'
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) - 10" x 8" x 17"
  • Warranty - 2 Years


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