Stowasis Sheer Descent Stainless Steel 60
Stowasis Sheer Descent Stainless Steel 60' Waterfall Weir

Stowasis Sheer Descent Stainless Steel 60" Waterfall Weir

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Sheer Stainless Steel Waterfall Weir is made of high quality stainless steel that can be used indoors or out and installed in many different locations such as gardens, restaurants, bars, malls, professional buildings and entrances. Easily add LED light strips for a stunning look.
The weir should not be placed much higher then 3' to 5' from basin or the sheet of water can break up. The smaller the weir and the less flow the lower you should place the Sheer Waterfall Weir.

This weir is not recommended for chlorinated or salt water.
Sheer weirs  are 4.5" back to front and 3.25" in height. These weirs have a 2" weir lip. The 1" female threaded inlet is located out the back of the weir.
  • Sheer Stainless Steel 60" Waterfall Weir
  • Flow Rate - 3000 - 5000 GPH
  • Size Weir - 60"
  • Inlets - 3
  • Inlet Size - 1"

LED Lighting is Sold Separately

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