Aqua Classic UV Sterilizer 120 Watt w/Wiper
Aqua Classic UV Sterilizer 120 Watt w/Wiper

Aqua Classic UV Sterilizer 120 Watt w/Wiper

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The Aqua Ultraviolet UV sterilizer is designed for maximum performance, power, and reliability. Ultraviolet is a proven dependable and effective method of controlling algae and harmful bacteria without leaving any residuals in the water. Aqua Ultraviolet utilizes the highest quality components designed to work perfectly together maximizing kill rates and insuring ease of installation and maintenance.

The Aqua Ultraviolet UV is the premium choice for water sterilization of ponds/aquariums eradicating bacteria and creating a healthy environment. The Aqua Ultraviolet UV can also be used as a clarifier to remove free floating algae with 50% to 75% plant coverage. Aqua Ultraviolet UV sterilizer will clear your water in 3 to 5 days, sometimes over night, and keep it that way.

These UV's are non-submersible.

Note: Max Pond Size when using a Aqua Ultraviolet UV is based on 50% to 75% of plant coverage or shade.

  • Classic UV Sterilizer 120 Watt w/Wiper Features:
  • Easy Twist Cap For Easy Quartz Sleeve Maintenance Just One Cap To Twist For Access To The Quartz Sleeve.
  • Quick Release T?s For Easy Installation And Winterization.
  • Lamp Is Positioned In The Housing For Maximum UV Effectiveness.
  • Slender Housing Design Allows For Higher UV Dosage.
  • The Unit Is Designed For Maximum Flow Rates.
  • Easy To Remove Remote Power Supply.
  • Designed For Indoor or Outdoor Use.

  • Classic UV Sterilizer 120 Watt w/Wiper    
  • # of Lamps - 3
  • Max. Pond Size as a Clarifier - 12000 gal.
  • Max. Flow as a Clarifier - 6500 GPH
  • Max. Pond Size as a Sterilizer - 6000 gal.
  • Max. Flow as a Sterilizer - 4080 GPH
  • Transformer - Nema
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) - 34 3/4" x 21 3/8" x 3 3/4"
  • Inlet / Outlet - 2"
  • Wiper (Wipes off algae buildup on UV Sleeve)
  • Warranty - 1 Year


In Stock Free Shipping
In Stock Free Shipping

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