To your surprise choosing the right fit for your pond is extremely important given its long list of associated benefits. Pond fountains keep your pond’s water aerated, increasing the overall health of the pond. So, making the right choice for that perfect size fountain is a priority.


Here’s a list of 7 wonders your fountain can add to your pond:

Advantages of fountains: 

  1.  Aesthetic qualities.
  2. Fountains and pond aerators contribute to adding adequate amounts of oxygen into the pond
  3. They help in controlling the extra algae growth
  4. Adds much-needed tranquility and calmness to your house front
  5. Removes the bad odors by properly oxygenating the water (even at the bottom)
  6. Decreases uncalled mosquito breeding that arises out of still water in the pond
  7. Stops the unnecessary process of bottom sedimentation

Ponds, as can be noted above, do much more than adding to the aesthetic appeal of your homes. They are a blessing for the health status of your pond. It is always a great idea to get a fountain added to your house pond.

However, that picturesque scenario needs your proper attention right from the time you kick off your pond fountain search! 

How can homeowners determine what size fountain they need for their pond?

Circulating the water in your residential pond is of critical importance. And, for that you need the perfect sized pond fountain for yourself. The actual decision of whether a particular pond fountain is appropriate for your pond depends on your pond’s depth, exact shape, as well as size.

Certain points to keep in mind before you decide on the pond fountain:

  • Beware of the depth of your pond:

Ponds that deeper than 6 feet need much more than a simple fountain. They need pond aerators for the required level of aeration. Due to the greater amounts of water involved, a simple fountain however pretty for adding on to that aesthetic appeal to your pond, will not suffice the purpose otherwise.

You need a pond aerator for achieving the desired water circulation. In contrast to fountains, the aerators do not just circulate water in the top water column but go deeper for a 6-feet pond. Thereby, ensuring the adequate oxygenation. 

  • Keep in mind the shape of your pond 

You would surely want to add a unique design of the fountain for that swanky corner of your house or garden. But keep in mind that those extra bends and curves in your fountain design can restrict or hamper water circulation.

It is difficult for the oxygen-rich water produced by your fountain to reach every nook and corner in such cases. In case, your pond is not a usual round or square shape one, you will need a proper aeration system that goes well with the unique design. In certain ponds, experts advise the use of pond fountains plus aeration system for better health.

  • Consider the spray pattern and horsepower for sizing your pond fountains 

Most households use a pond sized less than 6' deep. Also, they are decently or rather, uniformly shaped. Choosing the right pond fountain in such a case requires you to first consider the associated spray pattern and horsepower with your pond.

  • Spray Pattern – Going for a classic V-shaped spray pattern cracks the deal for most people. It proves effective for good pond aeration and easy maintenance. However, some people also prefer having a stylized spray pattern that looks more decorative. Before you make that decision, inquire about its spray efficiency for proper aeration of your pond water.

  • Horsepower – Yes, that is another crucial factor to consider before you decide to make that buy! Usually, a 1.5 HP motor per acre is sufficient for a pond fountain basically built for good pond aeration. In case people use the pond fountain more often for a decorative or aesthetic purpose, we suggest going in for a 1 HP motor per acre horsepower (which usually pumps around 8,000 gallons per hour). The functionality associated with your pond fountain determines the horsepower. 

Whether you go for a floating pond fountain, pond aerators, or a sub-surface aerator, determining the correct size of the pond fountain for your little corner is a must. The right size will save you from under aeration as well as over aeration for your pond. Both of which are something you should strictly avoid for getting a healthy, well-aerated pond.

We understand that sizing the perfect fountain for your pond, initially requires you to know the exact measurement or size of the pond itself. And, if you do not know it, that can be an issue. If you do not want to spend those extra pennies hiring a professional to do it for you, we’ve got you covered!

Step 1: Measure the length (L), width (W), and depth (D) (if not the exact depth, an average will also do) of your pond

Step 2: Then, multiply:

In case you have a square-shaped pond, follow:

L x W x D x 7.5 = Approximate Gallons of water 

In case you have a circular or elliptical pond, follow: 

L x W x D x 5.9 = Approximate Gallons of water 

Step 3: Once you get the total gallons of water, divide the amount by 325,851.6 (gallons per acre-foot) to get = Acre Feet

That might seem tough, but once you have the initial three values (L, W & D) it is a cakewalk! 

So folks, get on with measuring your pond size (if you do not know it already) and fetch yourself the right, most appropriate pond fountain of a size that suits your pond characteristics by following the 3 must-follow tips mentioned above.

Get set for a fun-filled, aesthetically warming, and oxygen-rich corner for your pond!