The Cal Pump PW Series Waterfall Pump has the PW1200 which is currently discontinued, PW2500, PW3500, PW4500 and the powerful PW5500. These pumps have been around for a long time. They put out a lot of flow for the money that they cost. However they only carry a one year warranty and soon to be going down to a 6 month warranty sometime in 2014. Once the newly made ones are circulating they will be at a 6 month warranty. With a possibility of leaving the marketplace within the next couple of years.

Before we start talking about the problems these pumps have let’s talk about why these pumps are so attractive to the pond owner. First they put out a good amount of flow at a high head height. Second, they push a lot of water for the amount that they actually cost specially when comparing it to other direct drive pumps that have a similar flow.

The three most common problems that the PW Pumps are having: Number one problem is that they have a habit of tripping the gfi which occurs when water leaks pass the gasket into the electrical parts of the pump. The pump also has a tendency to stop running and just hum. And turning the pump off and restarting it sometimes it won’t go back on.

Why don’t people want to change from the PW to another pump?
1. They just want to hook up the same pump so they do not have to change any fittings.
2. They need it right away and don’t want to take the time to look for another.
3. They like the flow and hope the next one will last longer.
4. Cost of another pump is most likely going to be more expensive.

Why pond owners want to change pumps from their previous PW Cal Pump.
1. They are tired of calling up and sending back the Cal pump because it doesn’t work anymore.
2. Afraid of losing fish if the pump fails again.
3. Looking for more cost efficient pump when it comes to the electric bill.

Bottom line is these pumps use to last longer, some even up to 4 years. There are few that last that long anymore. Average lifespan is around 18 months even though there are a lot of pw pumps replaced within their warranty time span of one year. Remember warranty ends from the original date of purchase not when you receive a new pump within the warranty time period.

If you’re getting tired of the PW Pumps and are looking for something longer lasting with a better warranty. Feel free to call our Customer Service at 215-525-1440.