Evolution Aqua Nexus 320 Filters - 9000 Gal.
Evolution Aqua Nexus 320 Filters - 9000 Gal.

Evolution Aqua Nexus 320 Filters - 9000 Gal.

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The Evolution Aqua Nexus Filter combines mechanical and biological filtration into one advanced filter system. This is while remaining easy to clean and simple to install. They utilize K1 Micro filter media to deliver both types of filtration. The Nexus's can be set up with either pump-fed or gravity-fed setups.

The Eazy Filter and K1 Media:
The Eazy Filter is a stainless steel vessel that contains a set volume of K1 Micro media. It is located inside the inner chamber of the Nexus. After water enters the Eazy chamber, it rotates with a downward motion, drawing larger solids to settle in the bottom of the filter. The outer chamber of the Nexus includes normal sized K1 Media. While the inner chamber handles mechanical filtration, the outer chamber is where biological treatment occurs. Different strains of beneficial bacteria reside in the K1 media. These bacteria convert ammonia and nitrites into harmless nitrates. This reduces the levels of toxic ammonia and nitrites in the pond, improving overall fish and plant health.

How the Nexus Filter Works:
Water from the pond enters the Nexus Filter, via the inlet into the inner chamber, which works as a vortex allowing larger solids to settle out. Water then passes through the grills into the stainless steel Eazy filter, where finer particles are removed thanks to the static bed of K1 Micro Media. This mechanically clean water then passes to the outer chamber, where the K1 Media moving bed completes biological treatment. Water then passes through the exit grill into the outlet, returning to the pond

  • Nexus 320 Filter - 9000 Gal
  • Max Flow Rate - 3431 GPH
  • Max Water Volume - 222 Gal.
  • Type - Mechanical and Biological Filter
  • Amount of K1 Micro Media (In Eazy) - 5.28 Gal
  • Amount of K1 Media (In Main Chamber) -26.4 Gal.
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) - 56.3" x 52" x 40.3"
  • Warranty - 1 Year
Click Here for the Nexus 320 Filter Manual

Gravity Fed

Pump Fed

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