Helix Skimmer Discharge Kit - Quick Disconnect
Discharge Kit for Waterfall Well

Helix Skimmer Discharge Kit - Quick Disconnect

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The Helix Discharge Check Valve Assembly with Quick Disconnect comes in the exact configurations to install many select pumps inside the Helix skimmer.  There are 3 types of discharge kits are available. The Quick Disconnect CVA comes with a pitless adapter for use with various submersible pumps.

  • The Discharge Kit Fits:
  • ShinMaywa Norus: 50CR2.15S, 50CR2.25S, 50CR2.4S, 50CR2.75S
  • Anjon Big Frog: BFP-3000, BFP-4200, BFP-5500, BFP-6300
  • Anjon Big Frog Eco-Drive: BFED-3000, BFED-4200, BFED-5500, BFED-6500
  • Tsurumi: 2PU, 3PN, 4PN, 8PN

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