NaturalPond GoClear - 2.2 lbs.
NaturalPond GoClear - 2.2 lbs.

NaturalPond GoClear - 2.2 lbs.

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The GoClear Water Clarity Packets is a advanced beneficial bacteria treatment that is designed on the strains used by the world's leading commercial fish farms to improve their water quality. When used in your own ponds, these natural live microorganisms directly break down the sources of odors and murkiness. It works great with regular application, and works even better when teamed with an aeration system.

GoClear helps eliminate excess nutrients and debris as well as clearing murky water. It significantly reduces noxious odors and works great for stocking ponds, swim ponds, golf course ponds, water gardens, recreational lakes, farm ponds, retention ponds, backyard ponds, and more. Pairs well with the MuckStop All Natural Pellets as well as being manufactured right here in the USA.

How to use GoClear:
Apply every 2 weeks using dosage given below. To give an example of ornamental pond treatment, a small pond of 2000 gallons would take 1/2 packet every two weeks. To give an example of lake treatment, a 1/4 acre lake would take 1.5 lbs. at its first treatment and 3/4 lb. every two weeks after that.

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