Kasco Marine 3400HAF Pond Aerator with Float - 100
Kasco Marine 3400HAF Pond Aerator with Float - 100' Cord with Bottom Screen

Kasco Marine 3400HAF Pond Aerator with Float - 100" Cord with Bottom Screen

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Part Number: 3400HAF-100 BTM SCR
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The Kasco 3400HAF Pond Aerator with Float dramatically agitate high volumes of water at the surface, greatly improving your pond or lake aeration. The aerators are self-contained, lightweight, and include a float and two or three mooring lines anchoring the unit. The Aerator can operate in shallow water because of the unique 360 degree top intake.

The Kasco A series is a high-performance design that uses a single propeller that pushes water droplets into the air. This allows efficient transfer of oxygen to the water. Its agitation and movement  helps create the process that spreads the oxygenated water throughout the rest of pond. Its high-efficiency design allows it to use lower power and helps with low operating costs

It has a heavy-duty motor as well as a corrosion resistant design. This makes the A Series suitable for salt-water or other corrosive environments, such as chlorine. These units can operate in as little as 18 in. of water. The 3400A Surface Aerator is ideal for ponds/tanks with surface areas of about 3/4 acre.

  • Pond Aerator 3400HAF with Float - 100' Cord with Bottom Screen
  • Min. Water Depth - 18"
  • Surface Acres - 3/4
  • Horse Power - 3/4
  • Amps - 3.4
  • Volts - 208 - 240
  • Cord Length - 100'
  • Options - With Bottom Screen
  • Warranty - 2 Years

Kasco Marine AF Series Pond Aerators Instruction Manual

Kasco Marine 3400AF Pond Aerator Specs

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