AquaScape Maintain for Ponds - 1 Gal.
AquaScape Maintain for Ponds - 1 Gal.

AquaScape Maintain for Ponds - 1 Gal.

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The Aquascape Maintain for Ponds is an effective pond water treatment that combines into one powerful formulation to successfully keep ponds clean, clear, healthy, and maintenance-free. This easy-to-use water treatment contains a powerful blend of beneficial bacteria, phosphate binder, flocculent, and pond detoxifier.

The bacteria blend includes lithotrophic, heterotrophic, and photosynthetic bacteria strains, keeping pond water healthy, beautiful, and safe for pond fish. The included phosphate binder locks up excess nutrients that could otherwise cause issues with water quality, and the flocculent quickly clears cloudy water by clumping suspended debris. A pond water detoxifier is added to the formulation to remove and detoxify chlorine, chloramine, heavy-metals, and other toxins, making your pond water safe for fish and plants.

The easy-to-use pump top accurately measures 600 gallons of treatment per pump and the 1 Gallon bottle treats 80000 gallons total. Maintain for Ponds is safe for fish, plants, pets, and wildlife.

  • Maintain for Ponds - 1 Gal.
  • Treats - Up to 80000 Gallons
  • 1 Pump. - Treats up to 600 Gallons

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