Helix Pond Skimmer - Plumbed for Submersible Pump
Helix Pond Skimmer - Plumbed for Submersible Pump

Helix Pond Skimmer - Plumbed for Submersible Pump

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Part Number: 1888-S
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The Helix Skimmer uses the same technology as a pool skimmer, but yet in a pond. The skimmer can be used with a submersible or external pump. Fish can swim in and out of skimmer without being trapped. It is constructed of a heavy duty HDPE mold plastic. It comes with stainless steel screws to attach liner to the outside rim of the 12" faceplate. A 2" bulkhead is included to be put in the bottom flat back of the skimmer. There is a pre-drilled hole in the back for a external or submersible pump.(Reason for the pre-drilled hole is so the costumer does not need to buy a $60 hole saw drill bit that they will only use once.) Has an 8" x 8" x 8" basket that debris is compacted into due to the design of the Helix Skimmer. Longer debris baskets (16" and 24") can be purchased separately when using an external pump only. For a submersible pump a new basket plate with a large capacity net can be purchased. If you’re looking for a lid to go over the Helix Skimmer the Atlantic RL30 will fit.

* Any flow over 5000 gph it is not recommended to have the Matala Filter Pad installed as it can starve the pump from getting enough water and in return cause the pump to over heat.

  • Helix Skimmer Comes Standard With:
  • Separation Plate - Plate holds Debris Basket
  • Mechanical Faceplate Attachment
  • Large Durable Collection Basket
  • 15” Diameter Floating Weir
  • 2” Bulkhead and 2” Male Pipe Adapter
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Optional Items:
  • Matala Filter Pad
  • Water AutoFill
  • Basket Plate Net Large Capacity
  • Helix Pond Skimmer- Plumbed for Submersible Pump
  • Max Flow Rate 8000 GPH
  • Min. Flow Rate 1500 GPH
  • Faceplate Opening - 12"
  • Size Weir - 15" Dia. Circular Floating Weir
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) - 19" x 18" x 35"
  • Dimensions on Bottom of Skimmer - Approx. 12" Dia.
  • Warranty -Lifetime for Mfg. defects

Click here for Helix Pond Skimmer Instruction Manual


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